Before taking the theory test, the very first step is to book for it. The willing persons must book for the test if they are confident about passing the test. To be prepared for the test, books and DVDs are easily available which consists of such questions that can be asked in the test. Such books are provided by DVSA; Drivers and Vehicle Agency.

When Booking For The Test:

When you will about to book for the Driving Theory Test, you will be asked some questions to must provide answers. Such questions may be as follows:

Driving Theory Test

  • Your driving license details
  • Debit or credit card details
  • The test center at which you want to take test
  • The time and date at which you want to conduct your test

Things to bring for the test:

Every candidate must bring his/her photographic ID to the test center. Photographic ID can be your passport, your photograph or license. You photograph must be signed by:

  • Police officer
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Solicitor
  • Minister of religion
  • Barrister
  • Established civil servant
  • Teacher
  • Member of Parliament
  • District Council councilor
  • Bank official
  • Medical practitioner

Driving Theory Test:

Theory test can be taken at any age, but the passing certificate given by the driving test center can only be valid for two years. So, candidates must pass their practical test within two years time. Such applicants who could not be able to pass their practical test within two years of getting passing certificate must have to retake their theory test.

Criteria To Pass The Test:

Every candidate must pass the multiple choice question and hazard perception test in a one go to pass the whole Driving Theory Test. Every applicant will be given 57 minutes to solve multiple choice questions’ test. If any candidate who has dyslexia or any other reading issues, he/she will be given some extra time to complete his/her test.

In hazard perception test every candidate will be given 2 hours time to complete the test. The candidates having dyslexia or any reading issues can be given up to four hours to complete the test. No extra time will be given after four hours to such applicants.

Can The Test Be Canceled Or Can Date And Time Be Changed?

If any candidate wants to change his/her test date, the candidate must report to the center three working days before the test. If someone wants to cancel his/her test, he/she must inform the center and can claim for refunding. But if you did not claim for refunding three working days before the test, it will not be refunded.

What If I Lost My Certificate?

If any candidate has lost his/her passing certificate before booking and taking the practical test should not worry about. The passing certificate can be reissued by the test center. Such applicants just have to apply for the certificate in the center. At the center, they will ask you to provide your full name and your license number. After getting such information accurately, they will reissue you a passing certificate. Then, you can use that certificate to book for your practical test.