Zodiac sign tattoo designs are becoming common. When you are out of idea and do not want to get wrong with tattoo designs then just go for zodiac sign tattoo designs. There are many tattoo design idea in zodiac signs. Aries can go for arrow tattoo, daisy flower, Aries symbol, Ram tattoo.


Aries tattoo depicts the qualities of Aries such as bravery, energetic and adventurous. People with Taurus sign can go for bull tattoo, Taurus tribal tattoo and lily flower tattoo. Taurus is art loving person. They can create the artistic tattoo design according to their choice. Taurus are practical people, they take responsibilities.  For Gemini persons birds, feather, wings are the best design ideas. For more information here 

The birds, feather and wings all depict the same theme that is freedom and independence. In flowers lily and lavender are the best. Gemini tattoos depict the qualities like flexibility, fun loving, intelligent. With cancer as zodiac sign you can try heart tattoos, heartbeat, anchor or name tattoo.  They are sensitive and sympathetic people. The water lily flower is good choice for tattoo design.


Leo sign bearer can definite go for lion tattoo, crown tattoo. Leo has the quality of creativeness, power and confidence. They can easily dominate the other people. In flowers poppy is flower for Leo. People with Virgo sign should choose their tattoo carefully as they are very detail oriented people. Best is to choose from geometric tattoo designs. They are clever and hardworking people.

The inspirational quotes are good choice for them. Libra person should choose the design similar to design of your zodiac sign. They can also go for similar designs like similar flower, heart design on both arms indicating balance. They are romantic people. The couple tattoo with heart, rose etc will be there kind of tattoo choice. Scorpions are very intense and passionate beings.

They can choose from rose, Scorpio or passionate quotes. They have the ability to showcase powerful emotions. They also have some negative quality like jealousy, stubbornness.  Sagittarius or archers are optimistic. They can go for geometric designs, campus and arrow tattoo design.

best and mind blowing Zodiac sign tattoo designs

They love to tell their emotions through language so they beautiful emotions quote are their type of tattoo design. The tattoo related with sports and games are nice choice for the archer. Capricorn can get a clock tattoo, sea goats, anchor etc. Aquarius is very original and inventive.

The fitting tattoos for them would be Mandela, water waves, lotus etc. the fun loving dolphin is preferred by Aquarius people. Pisces loves to dream. They can choose from following designs such as butterfly, unicorn, and dream catcher. Remember tattoo represents you so choose the tattoo which you feel suits you best.

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Alternative glass elucidations are easily available! People are unified by the idea of empowering glass windows panes everywhere; is directed by a unique and distinct team with wide-ranging know-how and knowledge in the worldwide renewable sector. Most of the Indians are finding out that this is not only available but, accessible too. Companies are into this industry for more than 20 years and counting. The official website of the company is  Glass Company near Me achievements at a glance:

  • People have confirmed their assurance to this glass, windows and panes assessment with a past performance of efficacious plant operations, authorization and putting-up of many on-grid and off-grid assignments with zero rates of calamity. The company is committed to following every recommendation and regulation in its pre-defined management system that will be monitored by everyone whether it is a manager, employee or contractor.
  • They ensure to develop the scheme that put in harmless million-man minutes and hours. They plan to develop into a venture wherein there is nil lost-time and no job-related grievances. They continue to authenticate our word to the comfort and security of our members and employees. The company unswervingly observes and preserve the management defined compliances and standards.
  • Our management team works upon integrated policy structure, overall employee participation, following the terrific regulation system for protection and well-being, practical reportage ethics and belief system and calamity and crisis responsive organization. The company delivers glass rooftop system without charging any fee and you have to invest in zero capital. We charge you for the alternative electricity produced for more than 20% discount available to the patrons.


  • There is a rich history with accomplishments and success. The team is committed and adheres to categorical ideals and principals to the environment, safety and health rules, which is a standard in Indian glass industries. All our elucidations for glass business can be modified with reference to searching for accurate capacity, appliances, and design established on ground conditions.
  • Few businesses request for multifaceted fitting because of assembly construction, territory or amalgamation of components that will have impetus on evolving smooth and extensive durable fittings. Irrespective it is about delivering glass pipes or glass heaters to street lights and freezers, the engineers put effort inexorably to arrange for ground-breaking and assembled customized glass interpretations for its patrons. In past, a maximum number of glass products such as glass panels, inverters, glass pipes, and glass are considered as the unique products.
  • The tenure and promise on these plants differ with the building location, size, and installation. There is a diversity of repayment options that can be utilized to make this arrangement more inexpensive and reasonable.

This will make the third party investment to come before time. This is precisely widespread in most parts of India and most of the people carry on escalating this multipurpose spreading of renewable energy. In a casing, glass products have become the fragment and portion of diverse societies. These companies also provide raw material kits for manufacturing of glass panel and provide the best of the sources possible.


The age old decision for every young adult living in a dorm house or away from home is what to eat every day. Cooking is always a challenge for students. Many students have meal plans initially but since they tend to be very expensive, students on a budget often chose to opt for other alternatives, such as, eating out, cooking their own low budget meals from scratch, microwaving store bought meals, and some even bring frozen meals from home which they defreeze and eat. Regardless eating the same meal every day because of the limited choices and budget can get monotonous and boring. Since, I myself am a student spending my four years for my undergraduate degree at a dorm, I started searching and experimenting with low budget but delicious different foods. Therefore today I would like to share with you one days’ worth low budget delicious meals with you (now keep in mind prices on ingredients can be different in different countries, so for some these meals may not be as low budget but still a good alternative from the same old boring meal every day) . Our recipes will you feel like your living with your dear old mom again, who cooks the yummiest food ever. Only difference being that you are cooking it (but that’s easy so don’t worry).A point to note while making my dishes is you will only need a spoon for measuring, as 13 tablespoons to a cup.

Let’s start the day off with some breakfast, the most important meal of the day .We should never skip breakfast, it fuels us for the day.  They say you should eat breakfast like a king thereby it should be your heaviest meal of the day, but we are always busy in our lives so this will have to do. Also this king has no servants cooking for him or her. Your body is hungry because it has not eaten the whole night. Feed it!


Molten Lava egg;

  1. Grab a mug line it with bread (white or bran).
  2. Cut a capsicum into small pieces, cut an onion and some chilly (if you like your food spicy).
  3. Now add these ingredients in a different mug as per preference save the rest in your freezer (as frozen foods do not lose their nutrition value). Add in another egg (or more) and blend the mixture.
  4. Now pour this mixture into the mug which is well lined with bread.
  5. Microwave for a minute or until the egg is properly cooked.
  6. Loosen the sides with a knife and flip the mug on a plate. Cut open your molten lava egg and enjoy gooey goodness.

Now for lunch and dinner, we are going to make one meal and eat it both times. Why? Because between classes, studying and apart time job how often in a day can you cook, right!

Stuffed Teriyaki Chicken

  1. Marinate 2 chicken breasts in salt and pepper (place a cut in each breast so as to make a pocket ,which you will later stuff )
  2. Dice 1 capsicum
  3. Dice 1 onion
  4. Dice 1 tomato
  5. Dice 1 carrot
  6. Sauté these vegetable in 1 tbsp. Olive oil and salt and pepper to taste ( add in onions first and sauté till they are translucent after add the other vegetable and sauté to preference )
  7. In a bowl add 1/2 cup cream cheese ( since most of you won’t have measuring cups in your dorm kitchen ,because really who has so many tools in a dorm room , how many tablespoons to cups ? 13 tablespoons equals to 1 cup)
  8. Add ½ cup of cheddar cheese ( again tablespoons to cups equals 13 so 6.5 tablespoons to 1/2 cup)
  9. Add 1/2 cup of cottage ( or any other) cheese
  10. Add in the sautéed vegetables and mix
  11. Stuff your marinated chicken breast and cook till completely cooked
  12. Enjoy your juicy chicken with salsa sauce and sour cream

For dinner time, you can also boil some plain spaghetti along with your chicken breast or add some store bought bread roles to the meal.

University students get the munchies every now and then, especially while studying, while bored, basically at all times. How many of you are bored of opening the same old pack of chips and can of soda every time. I know I am. I mean if I’m going to increase my calories for the day and get out of shape I might as well enjoy every second of it. So here’s my take on a delicious new snack you all can munch on at any point through the day.

  1. Grab a pack of salted crackers
  2. Add a piece of cheese to each cracker ( any cheese you like ,doesn’t matter which one)
  3. Cut a hot dog into slice and place one slice on eat cracker
  4. You can also add a piece of optional vegetable
  5. Enjoy your finger food all day long


I hope you enjoyed my article and my take on the age old question on everybody’s mind at all time. What is it that we should eat? Because personally, it is my favourite part of the day and life. I am sure it is the same case with many other people as well. Also one of the toughest decisions made because it is made every day, and three times a day if not more. Anyway, do try my recipes, they are super easy and very delicious. Remember if you do not have measuring cups, its 13 tablespoons to cups.  For more recpies and cooking tips visit this awesome website.

“Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has taste, even if they don’t realize it. Even if you’re not a great chef, there’s nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn’t” – Gerard Depardieu

In India, a PAN card holds the same worth for the Indians as does the Social Security Card for the US natives. The meaning of pan is Permanent Account Number that has been issued by the Income Tax Department of India under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes.

What Is  A Pan Card?

It is a unique ID proof which as a ten digit alphanumeric characters. Each enlisted resident will be provided with one of a kind number with their own subtle elements recorded against it. In no way is it similar to a Voter’s ID card, this recognizable proof number stays consistent irrespective of the fact that you may have changed your place of living. It will also have a photo of the holder.

Why a PAN Card?

It was issued to eliminate charge avoidance. If you have a PAN card, it monitors all assessable budgetary exchanges which otherwise would have gone unchecked. Only a bonafide resident of India, as well as the Non-Residential Indians, can apply for one.

If you wish to know your pan you must also know as to why you need a PAN card.

You will need a PAN card for the following reasons:

    If applying for a credit

    If making stores, withdrawals and installments above Rs. 25,000

    If obtaining adornments, bullion or remote money esteemed above Rs.5 Lakh.

    If putting resources into land

    If putting resources into stocks and shared assets

    If you receive charges for expert administrations

    If you are opening another savings account

    If you get an assessable pay

    When applying for expense refunds.


It serves as essential personality evidence alongside different reports, for instance, a Voter’s ID, driving permit or a proportion card.

How to apply for one?

If you wish to know your pan then you should be aware that it is looked after by various focuses under the supervision of NSDL and UTIITSL. You will be able to locate one such center which will be nearest to you. The names of approved applicants are recorded on the Income Tax Department or National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

Here, you will have to fill and present the 49A structure (Indian subjects) or 49AA structure. You can also go  for the online enlistment. You will be asked to pay a base handling charge when you submit your application. People, as well as companies, can apply for a PAN card. The points of interest and supporting reports you should accommodate both will contrast.

When you have submitted your application you can track its status online by entering in your points of interest.

How to apply for a copy, PAN Card?

If you wish to know your pan and if you have misplaced or lost your PAN Card, there’s no compelling reason to get bothered. You can easily reproduce it. The methodology is the same as applying for another one. Here, you will have to opt for Changes or Corrections in PAN Card subtle elements. You will also have the alternative to Reprint of PAN card. On having filled up the improvements, you can refill 49A as a copy Pan card application structure.

Smart Locks / Electronic Locks – the Latest Innovation:

Owing to their smart look and automatic working mechanism, the keyless door locks are also known as smart locks or electronic locks. As a product of latest innovation, they not only give you enhanced security for your home, office or shop but also offer advanced level of convenience in handling. The best keyless door locks 2016 come with the amazing features of remote lock/unlock, management of multiple passwords and remote detection of security threat. Structurally, they have been designed in such a way that you can easily install them in place of the existing traditional key-based lock. The more advanced brands are packed with rechargeable batteries, so that they can be operated even at the time of power failure. There are also those provided with double locking system which prevents the criminal minded persons from opening the door from outside. The ability of the best keyless door locks is simply amazing.


Password Secured Versus Biometric Door Locks:

As the name suggests, the digital biometric door locks are operated with the help of fingerprints. They don’t require any key for the operations of opening and closing. Here you do not even need to enter a security code or password. Though the password based door locks are much better and more secure than their key-based counterparts, they may have certain disadvantages. For example, it may not be easy for you remember the password. Secondly, if a security code becomes known to others, you will have to change it immediately or else face the security threat. The fingerprint or biometric door locks, on the other hand, totally eliminate the need for remembering, using or managing any passwords. Here you simply need to press your thumb or any other finger against the touchscreen of the best biometric door lock and the door will be opened. It is considered as the best security measure because finger is attached with your body and it won’t be easy for others to steal it for unlocking the door.

How to Choose the Best Biometric Door Locks?

Choosing the best biometric door locks can be both easy and difficult. It will be easy for you if you already have experience with different fingerprint digital door locks. On the other hand, if you are going to buy and use it for the first time, making a choice for the best product can be somewhat difficult. In this case, you can take advantage of the experience of the real-life users. It will be great if you follow the step by step procedure. Firstly, look for the popular brands that have a huge clientele base across the world. Afterwards, look for the prominent features in each product and make cross-brand comparisons. In the third step, choose the one that is economical and best suits your needs. Finally, go the product rating and customer reviews. If the users give 4 or more than 4 stars rating to an item, it may be something worth purchasing.

How to Buy Best Fingerprint Door Locks?

After you have finalized a brand and identified the most suitable model for your needs, it should be the time to buy and install it on the door as a replacement for the traditional key-based door lock. For the sake of convenience, you can view the list of best keyless door locks with product reviews. For making a purchase, you have two options, i.e. either visit your nearest hardware store or buy it online. The second option should be more attractive as it would save you both time and effort. There is also possibility that you would save money here. So, what are you waiting for?

are you interested in knowing about 4 hottest buns hairstyles for women with short hair ca make easily? In this post you will discover all the relevant information to your doubts and queries of making a perfect bun.


Sometimes it is very hard to manage your short hair this style may be the latest ongoing trend in the world for women. But still you feel so much irritated when you woke up from the bed in morning or want to do some work. Many women seems can’t control their short hair or find the perfect solution to cove them up. They waste so much time in order to make a pony tail like they do when they have long hair. But you can’t give up on your versatility. As long as you have hair in your head you can still make fashion statement by making a satisfying bun.

So stop wasting rolling or twisting your hair, because it will not work, but rather go for some different combinations like messy, voluminous, or sleek. You can’t simply deny that having short hair is as good as having so many options like you have in long hair. But one thing is certain you can now change the traditional bun into something far greater you ever imagined.

With that said we have listed some real facts about 4 hottest buns hairstyles for women with short hair can make easily to help you understand what is perfect way to make a bun, and why these hairstyles can surely gives you the energy to rock with élan. All you need to know

  • What is perfect way to make a bun?There are so many steps that you need to follow in order to make a perfect bun. Some women might have other perspective from beginning to the finish time. But making bun is simple as it gets.
  1. a) Prepare your hair
  2. b) Pull your hair back
  3. c) Start making the bun
  4. d) Roll it to inwards
  5. e) When you get to the base Adjust it and finish your look
  • Why these hairstyles can surely gives you the energy to rock with élan?1) Messy top bun styles:2) Messy side bun with headbands style:3) Loose sided bun style:4) Simple top bun style:
  • Simple is the perfect way to describe this bun style. You can this traditional bun to another level where it fits best in every way.
  • This style is one of the most popular and hottest buns hairstyles you can ever get. After making a side bun you can lose it and most great thing about is that you can add different colors and textures at its edge.
  • For this new modern world headbands are back and you can use them with short hair. You can make a side bun it will get messy but wearing a headband could wrap it up and you will get more adorable look.
  • This messy bun can be classy or casual it depends on your hair length. It is easy to create and perfect for any occasion. Use hairspray and teasing comb you get perfect bun you ever wanted.

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