Christmas is around! Everyone is in worry what to buy, what else not to buy! Like every second person wants to buy the best to present. Women for men, and even men for men too. Mothers want to present something ridiculous to their sons this year, sisters want to mock at their brothers by presenting some funnystuff, wives for their husbands, friends to each other.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let this Christmas pass on like a smooth, non-bumpy road. Bring some amusement in it!

Here you will find 10 catchy ideas for funny gifts for men 2017:

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1) Basket Case Head-Band Hoop Game:

Basketball is one of the most favorite games for kids as well as adults. Basketball needs a basket usually attached and hung with walls and poles. Have you ever seen of someone carrying a basket over his head? This year, present such ridiculous stocking stuffer to your men. It will definitely bring a gibe when it will get opened.

2) Funny Greetings Cards:

Sarcasm is a built element of the time. People are getting more and more sarcastic these days. We usually pad our heads with the stuff to write over greeting cards. Don’t make it through formal dash. Go some informal and present funny greeting cards with cent sarcasm printed over it.

3) Voice Changer Toy:

We never get done with the game of pranks! Pranks are like the influential, obligatory and stipulated element of this generation to play with. Are you fed up of hearing your own voice and voice of people near you? Let’s bring a new custom. Gifting voice changer to your men isn’t good?

4) Backwards Wall Clock:

Time runs fast. No actually, very fast. Time is not our slave. We are the slaves of time. We always try to catch it before it’s too late. But usually gets rattled and dodged. Let’s betray your men with the backwards wall clock. It will be quite funny and antique for everyone who will see.

5) Hi Top Slippers for Men:

Men are used to of wearing sneakers. They love them as heartedly that if they find slippers in the shape of sneakers or fleet, that will cure all their worries. Buy some funny gifts for men will make theirChristmas more special and memorable.

6) Fancy Dress Moustaches:

He may or may not have moustaches and beard of his own. But it’s a time to wear artificial stuff this year. That will happily help them out. Isn’t good idea?

7) Donut Mug:

Who doesn’t love donuts? Is there really anyone who exists? Every evening we just desire to have tea or coffee served with baked chocolate donuts. That may not be possible to have regularly. But a regular donut mug can be there. He will enjoy his evening tea in donut mug.