We all know that each single person would love to wear the slippers and sandals just for the reason that they are best enough in adding the style in the individual personality. And this fact is very much understood by the Havaianas flip-flops footwear. As we take the name of the slippers then mentioning the name of Havaianas flip-flop designs of footwear are the just main fact that hit our mind. They arrived in the marketplaces during the era of 60’s and now in the 21st century once again they are back in the market. Havaianas famous as one of the reputable and renowned footwear brands in the international fashion world. This fashion brand is offering the men, women, and kids based shoe collections. Inside their brand outlet, they do offer with rain boots, flat shoes, sandals, kids shoes and men shoes with brilliant designing.

Havaianas flip-flop

Popularity of Havaianas Flip Flop Footwear Designs:

They are hence simple in design and at the same time light and relaxed enough to walk around. You will be finding them to be accessible in the variety of shades and designs that will surely be going to force you to grab one pair of it. With the coverage of the flip-flops footwear designs in their brand, Havaianas has made their far best and popular place in the market world. Havaianas flip-flops footwear designs have been designed best for the women of all age groups to give their feet with the best comfort. Hence, this is what flip-flop footwear is all about!

How Havaianas Flip-Flop Footwear Are Manufactured?

Havaianas is one of the top leading Brazil footwear brand. But they produce their leather stuff for the footwear from the place of America. It is the main reason that leather stuff within their footwear is known out to be the best and smooth to walk around. There is no doubt about the fact that half of the popularity of Havaianas flip-flop footwear is just because of the leather material used in it. They have durable leather that will allow the shoe to stay new for a long time.

If flip-flop shoe designs are available with the high-quality fabrics of leather, then it does not mean that they are expensive with rates. If you have such conception, then you are 100% wrong! Havaianas place their collections of footwear in the reasonable and cheap rates. It is another one of the best factors for raising their popularity among the fashion lovers of footwear. People do visit their online retail stores to learn about the latest designs and trends of footwear designs inside their brand. You can even visit their online website page to catch with some discount offers and knowing about the sale arrival.

So if you do think that Havaianas flip-flops footwear are best enough to make your feel look unique and classy, then ensure that you don’t miss out the chance of visiting Havaianas outlet and catching the best pair of it!

Landing on your forefoot or midfoot softens the impact of heel strikes to the body and striking creates a huge shock to your Achilles, heels, and ankles. A lot of shoe manufacturers know that most runners impulsively strike the ground using their heels. Hence, the brands build plenty of cushioning, heel support, and design best heel-to-toe response systems which soften the impact of the heel striker.

Here are the best running shoes heel strikers need to run with.

  1. Brooks Ghost

The Ghost was not designed for heel strikers like Adidas Energy Boost. But it is still the best shoe for heel strikers. The Caterpillar Crash Pad and the DNA cushioning technology provide reliable heel-to-toe transition. The durable outsole and soft inner can make you feel great on every strike.

  1. Mizuno Wave Rider

Like all other Mizuno shoes, the Wave Rider is the best running shoes hip pain. It is designed by considering the needs of heel strikers thanks to its wave plate technology. The wave plate is placed under the body of the shoes which absorbs heavy landing and it distributes the shock around the body of your shoe. Even a heavy heel striker can comfortably run with this shoe. It literally cuts the useful life of the shoe down and it is really very durable.

  1. Adidas Energy Boost

Adidas Energy Boost

Adidas has spent millions on R&D for its springy midsole technology. In 2013, they have launched Adidas Energy Boost with its signature Boost technology. The eponymous shoe works well for heel strikers. The for-motion decoupled heel system of the shoe improves the running style significantly and it delivers heel-to-stride transition with “wishbone shaped thermoplastic unit”. It provides some more mobility from the back and front of the shoe.

  1. Brooks Adrenaline

For almost every runner, this is the best selling running shoe and the no. 1 running shoe from ShoeKicker. It works really well for heavy strikers. It is made with BioMoGo foam and its patented DNA cushioning technology. It can absorb almost every strike blow. The Ghost, like its neutral counterpart, has Caterpillar Crashpad which is helpful to increase stability and cushioning which are designed for easy heel-to-toe transition.

  1. Asics Gel-KAYANO

With its well-known gel cushioning, the GEL-Kayano works really well for those who need a lot of stability and even the heaviest heel strikers can run on it. The latest Kayano is your best bet. It provides more adaptive, secure fit with its re-engineered heel counter and the heel striker will barely understand when they hit the ground. This shoe is coupled with excellently plush feel and it is designed for those who need a lot of stability and cushioning.


All of the above shoes are designed well to provide ultimate support and comfort with their patented cushioning systems and technology. They are the best choice for efficient, injury-free running for the athletes. It can provide much-needed comfort to both moderate and heavy heel strikers. These shoes can easily absorb shock and keep your feet stable.

Batista was born on January 18, 1969 and made his wrestling debut in 2000. He is a professional wrestler and an actor. He is a former wrestler of the WWE (world wrestling entertainment). Batista had a very successful career in the company and a great reign as champion. He is a superstar who always holds his grounds on the toughest wrestlers and shows how much he loved to wrestle. He has been wrestling in various ways where he conquered almost every single wrestler and had amazing feuds at that time. most of his career he always been fighting to defend the championship and beats the likes of the Undertaker, Triple H, John CENA, and Shawn Michaels. Some critics may think that he was the real face of the company, who will lead it to the new heights before John CENA, but unfortunately the things did not go well as were planned. His ego and attitude made every person realize he was not the suitable replacement for the current roster.

  • What he has accomplished in the WWE?

1) He is six times world heavyweight champion

2) Four times WWE champion ( Watch WWE championship Matches only on )

3) Three times WWE tag team champion with (RIC flair, Rey MYSTERIO, and John CENA)

4) He is the winner of 2005 and 2014 royal rumble match

5) The longest reign as the world heavyweight champion in the history of the company

6) Main event all the major PPV’s like (wrestle mania, summer slam, extreme rules and many more

  • What about his other career of interest?

Apart from wrestling it seems he has also adapted some acting skills and is persuading his acting career very well. He has been part of the many blockbuster Hollywood movies and will continue to work for a very long time.

  • Will we see him ever on the roster in future?

Batista quit himself out of the action and looks like he not coming back just yet, but we still can hope to that the company give him one more chance to do what he is known for many years. Here are some Old Memorable matches of Batista at watch wrestling  live stream online hd 1080, 720p, full show Dailymotion .

  • Why fans like him so much?

He as the champion was suited very well and wins the hearts of the fans very soon. Becoming that is not very easy job. The way he entertains with his wrestling abilities was commendable.

  • What about his current state in his career?

Right now, he is just focusing on his acting career which is going very fine and we hope to see him one more time in his wrestling gear to come and entertain us as the Animal.